The Honey Bear

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Carlin Brothers 12oz raw honey.

Our raw honey is the perfect natural sweetener for your coffee or tea. Sourced from honey bee hives out in the prairie, this liquid gold has never had chemicals or any other ingredients added to it.

Bottled raw, the honey may crystallize. If this happens, put honey bottle in warm water until the honey melts back down to liquid. Repeat as needed.

Do not serve honey to children under 1 year of age.

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Customer Reviews

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Reli Abalrev Yewer
Best Product Ever Made

I came across the honey bear looking for a way to fix a tear in my favorite shirt, and I bought it expecting only that, but oh, was I wrong. First, I used it on my torn shirt, to no surprise, the tear was fixed quickly, but then I wondered "I wonder if this will work on other objects?" With that, I tried it on my wall, now that might not sound like much, but it was hard to call it a real wall, given the condition it was in. In mere seconds, the wall was back to working shape. Next, I tried it on my pet ryulong, and it regrew its entire tail. My friend, David, had come over as I was testing the honey bear. He was bald, he had been ever since a particularly unpleasant incident from when he was thirteen years old. I poured some on his head, his hair instantly grew three metres. Knowing that this incredible power was in my hand bothered me, "why should such power be mine only while I have this bear in my hand?" At that moment I decided to drink it, every last drop. The power surged throughout my body, I had a hard time holding it in, this energy was not meant for mortal souls. And yet, I lived. I attained the power of a god.

Thank you, Carlin Bros. this product has truly changed my life.

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